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 Tire Sales 

Motion Mechanical is a dealer for TireMotive, meaning whatever tire you need, we can order and install for you! 

The Brake Free Safety Bar
Call To Order : 1-587-800-0829
Brake Free Safety Bar

We stock a variety of NEBO products, the following pictures show a few of the products that are in our showroom. If you are interested stop by and take a look!

NEBO pen light + Headlight

Inspector RC        MYCRO Headlamp

NEBO Torchy 2K

Torchy 2K 

NEBO Slyde King 2K

Slyde King 2K


Along with NEBO we also stock some products from True. We have their multi-tools, utility knives, knife sharpeners, plasma lighters, and a full kit shown in the picture on the left below!

TRUE DIY bundle tool kit

DIY Tool Kit

TRUE Clipstick


TRUE mycro knife sharpener

MYCRO Knife Sharpener

Skeeter Hawk

Skeeter Hawk has a wide range of bug control products and is essential to keep the flying pests out of your summer fun. We currently carry the following two products in our showroom.

Skeeterhawk Premium Zapper

Premium Mosquito Zapper

Skeeterhawk Bait Station

Mosquito Bait station

Speed Demon

Based out of Airdrie Alberta, Speed Demon has a simple goal of creating lights that are easy to install, durable, look incredible, and conquer the dark. Our show room carries a stock of their work lights, fog lights, wiring harnesses, light bars, and more. Stop by to see if we have the light you're looking for!

Speed Demon 32in light bar

32" Light Bar

Speed Demon square floodlight
Speed Demon 2 light wiring harness

2 Light Wiring Harness

Square Flood Light

Canyon Rigging

Canyon rigging has a wide variety of truck straps, cargo securement, tire chains, wire rope, chain slings, round slings, polyester and nylon slings, levers, blocks, hoists, winch lines, crane lines, and more. Each product is tested relentlessly to ensure safety and is tagged with a working load limit. 

Canyon Rigging cargo straps

Cargo Straps

Canyon Rigging straps
Canyon Rigging ratchet straps

Ratchet Straps


Our latest addition to the showroom is our Traeger display, as a Traeger dealer our stock includes smokers, smoker covers, pellets, spices and sauces, as well as a variety of Traeger accessories. 

Pro 780

PRO 780



Ironwood XL

Ironwood XL

Irrigation Parts

We carry an assortment of irrigation parts such as gearboxes, end guns, nozzles, strobe lights, and much more. Stop by and see if we have the right part that you're looking for!

irrigation end gun

End Gun

gear box

Gear Motor

Pressure Regulators

Pressure Regulators

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